The Location Network


Scouting for the right Locations for a project often begins weeks, if not months, before production offices have been open. In today’s film business, studio executives will have producers and directors search the globe looking for the right places that have all the right elements in place to organize their projects.

The Team at Motion Picture Space has created the Location Network—a place where Companies and Individuals can market locations to those Producers and Directors who search our database.

It’s designed for Individuals looking to have filming at their property, and also for those existing Location Companies and Location Reps who are looking to drive Users to their existing website.


Let’s begin with the search terms that we've created that help a filmmaker choose appropriate spaces by simply using our Key Search: 

Location Description – In a few words describe what you are marketing to Users.

Location Photo This photo you will be the search result photo.

Category’s & Sub Category’s We have pre-loaded search categories with different options on a drop-down menu. If the product you are marketing doesn’t already exist, you can click on the word “Other” and enter the name of your property into the text box.

Year Built The time period of a film must be reflected in a film’s locations. Assigning the year a location was built is critical. 

Square Footage – Marketing the square footage of buildings and warehouse space is also important.   

Zip Code – The “Proximity Search” allows film makers to find rentable production space located anywhere in the U.S. and the World. This option is also designed for filmmakers to effortlessly network within their own cities.


After you have finished with all the search terms related to your property you will then add all the information you would like to showcase on your Location Profile Page.

Notes – Publish a brief paragraph about your property on the Location Profile Page. 

Website Links – Companies and Individuals who already have websites can publish the link on the profile page. Clicking on the “Auto Redirect” option will automatically take Users to that website.

Photo Gallery – Each Profile Page allows you to publish up to 20 Images associated with the Location you are marketing, with search terms optional.

PDF File - Each Profile Page allows you to publish up to 10 PDF files associated to the Location you are marketing.

Availability Switch By simply flipping the “Availability Switch” you can notify any User looking for Locations.


Motion Picture Space is not a social media network.

It is a professional space consisting of multiple networks where individuals and companies can market themselves, their services, and products to the Motion Picture Industry.